How to un-complicate conversation with a KISS

We’re human so we have the tendency to complicate things! We multi-task and have ambition to be the bomb at everything. Which can overwhelm your mind so when it’s time to talk and get straight to the point, the point seems so far away!

You end up doing more talking than needed. I’m all about streamlining what we want to say so we can get results! You have a goal to complete. A job to get done. A family to organize. And perhaps a spouse to please.

In this episode, I’ll show you how to KISS it away!

With one kiss, you can change everything. KISS yourself to clear up all the clutter in your mind and get to that point. Get what you want!

After watching, I’m eager to hear from you! What ways do you KISS your complications away?

Your pucker is about to get some exercise so lay one on me!

We’re in this thang together, so you can say what feel…to do what you love.

With loving juju,


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