How Learning a new Language Improves your Love Life

Do you ever find yourself talking to your spouse and wonder if they really get you?

Do you sometimes believe that the two of you are from different planets?

Do you feel like there’s a barrier between you and really getting to know someone?

If you answered yes to one or all of those questions, then you need to keep reading!

Let’s take it back just a few short years. We all had to take a foreign language in high school. Raise your hand if most of that went in one ear and out the other…Yup! Me too!!

Now I’m kicking myself for not paying closer attention. You wouldn’t be able to tell me nothing if I was fluent in Spanish!

It’s also believed that speaking another language highly increases the quality of your love life! They didn’t teach that in high school but you’re about find out how.

In today’s episode, I’m going to share with you how learning a new language will improve your love life and beyond!

Communication is crucial in relationships and it becomes even more difficult if you’re not speaking the same language. Some of you may be on to where I’m going but watch and see for sure.

We’re all fluent in more than one language and this is the beginning of using them to your advantage.

Of course I want to hear which languages you speak so share below.

We’re in this thang together so you can say what you feel to do what you love!

With loving juju,


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